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Arleigh Dickerson

Software Engineer

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I am a software engineer currently working at 3M / M*Modal.

I've been an application developer for most of my career but recently I've been working in the analytics and reporting space. I'm looking forward to combining the two disciplines to develop our in-app reporting capabilities.

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Other Projects

Binary Data Streams Over a PHP Websocket Server

It turns out that with a little bit of monkey patching , ratchet servers can coerced into accepting binary frames. I took that idea and ran with it to make a real-time API over websockets using an event-driven stream implementation.

Yii2 Active Record Support for MySQL XA Transactions

When I worked at the AEA we often encountered scenarios that required a single transactional operation across multiple database connections. A team member discovered MySQL's XA transaction feature and realized that it was a good fit for solving these kinds of problems. This plugin integrates XA transactions into Yii2's Active Record framework.

Crypto Challenge

The Matasano Crypto Challenge is a sequence of cryptography exercises. This repository has my results for the first section.

Mathematics Capstone

For my mathematics capstone, I studied proofs of the Hook Length Formula. I wrote a paper and made a poster. I also wrote a Mathematica program to demonstrate the brute forcing algorithm in Greene's probabilistic proof.